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Overlook Food Awareness Resource of Massachusetts, Inc. (FARM) is a new nonprofit established to provide education on local agriculture, food access and hunger, and sustainable farming practices.

Overlook Farm (the Williams family farm since the 1940s) donated a portion of the property to become Heifer Farm (operated by Heifer Project International) in the early 1980s. In late 2017 Heifer Project decided to close the farm to focus their resources on other efforts.

Our goal is to purchase the property from Heifer, launch Overlook FARM’s programming, and begin the next chapter in this agricultural story.



Overlook FARM is a working farm with deep roots in the community that teaches the value of sustainable agriculture and promotes food justice to grow a healthy world.

For 35 years people have been coming to this farm, volunteering, experiencing agricultural programming, and meeting other people who care about farming and food. The new Overlook FARM will allow the tradition of agricultural education, improving food access and stability, and understanding of food production to continue and grow in a new way, embracing the existing community, expanding programming, and contributing to a path to a stable food system.


Want to help us out?

We’ll be looking for volunteers, designers, thinkers, and makers to help get us started. If you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you!

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